John Grolich announced Tuesday morning on WTCA’s “What’s Your Opinion” show his intentions to file as a candidate for Mayor of the City of Plymouth on the Republican ballot.

In a press release, Grolich said, “the anticipation of leading the city for four years is very exciting, with the understanding that it requires hard work and dedication.” 

Grolich served the citizens of Plymouth for 25 years, working for the Plymouth Fire Department, with a very large portion of that as Assistant Director of EMS and being charged with the day-to-day operations.  He said, “I have experienced the overall growth of the city and I would enjoy very much being the driving force to aid further growth of the city.” 

As Assistant Director of EMS, and eventually becoming an Assistant Fire Chief, he was able to experience growth as EMS was integrated into the fire service.  With the aid of some staff members and some community physicians they were able to bring EMS from a Basic EMS provider to a Paramedic provider, making a positive impact on many lives, not only in the city but in Center and West Townships, as well as sharing resources with community neighbors. 

In 1997 John Grolich became affiliated with the Marshall County Coroner’s Office and became Chief Deputy Coroner.  He was elected County Coroner and served from 2001 through 2009. He was again elected in 2017 and is the current County Coroner.  During his tenure, he saw the need for a county morgue and in 2020 was able to break ground for a new County Forensic Center which began operations in the new facility in April of 2021.

In the press release, Grolich states, “I have no hidden agenda. I feel I have a lot to offer as I can formulate and execute plans along with developing best practices.  I have seen the advantages of cooperation and collaboration and I am excited to steer the City of Plymouth forward.”

If elected John Grolich would resign from his position as County Coroner but would be willing to remain with the department as a deputy coroner.   

After serving 4 terms as Mayor of the City of Plymouth, Mark Senter announced he would not seek reelection.  Senter has been mayor of Plymouth since 2008. 

Robert Listenberger, a member of the Plymouth City Council and local businessman announced on August 26th that he plans to seek the Democratic nomination to be their candidate for Mayor of the City of Plymouth in the 2023 Primary and General Election.

Greg Compton, another City Council member, and retired banker announced on August 31st that he filed a Candidates Exploratory Committee to explore the possibility of running for Mayor of Plymouth in the 2023 election.