The Marshall County Council put its support behind the request of the County Commissioners to fund two projects for two local non-profit organizations.

On Monday the Council heard from Rick Thompson, CEO of Marshall Starke Development Center.  He told the council that they offer services to approximately 250 adult individuals who developmental disabilities and 125 children thru Early Head Start and the Head Start programs at their location on PIDCO Drive in the industrial park. 

Commissioner Overmyer met with Thompson and toured the facility.  He realized they had no security systems in place.  Overmyer suggested they seek quotes and have their board of directors decide on the company they wanted to work with.  Last week, Thompson brought a quote from Vermillion Systems to the commissioners in the among of $62,267.60 with the plan of using ARPA funds to cover the cost of the security system.

After being approved by the commissioners, they needed to seek the approval of the County Council to appropriate the funds.

Chris Garner, Director of the Marshall County Neighborhood Center presented a quote to purchase an 18-foot by 11-foot walk-in refrigerator and freezer for the center.   

The quote from Polar King was in the amount of $59,949.75 for a unit that has cooling coils on the outside allowing for more storage on the inside.  She also commented that the system includes custom shelving.

Garner said they are receiving a grant from the Community Foundation to pour the concrete foundation and will remove the rundown storage shed to locate the new refrigerator/freezer.  She said the Neighborhood Center’s contribution to the project is providing the electrical components to make it operational.

While the County Council unanimously approved support to the project, it was noted there is only $50,000 appropriated in the line item so the commissioner will need to seek an additional appropriation at the November meeting to cover the additional costs. 

Councilman Tim Harman, a restauranteur said he had contacts in the industry and believed he could find a better deal. Garner said as long as they will deliver and set it up, it comes with a warranty and it is movable she would be willing to look at another offer. 

Garner also said the Neighborhood Center purchased $1,400 in products the first week in October and it’s all gone.  She said last week the center assisted 120 households and noted that she is seeing an increase in senior citizens and those on disability whose income is not keeping up with inflation.