On Tuesday evening, October 4th the Plymouth Community School Board took official action on the 2023 budget.  Members unanimously approved the budget for next year.

Within just a few minutes the school board approved the 2023 budget in the amount of $40.2 million.  It was noted that the budget had been discussed in the last couple of board meetings and the required public hearings.  The Education Fund is slightly over $23.3 million with the Debt Service Fund at nearly $6.1 million and the Operations fund at $10.2 million.  Also included in next year’s budget was $600,000 in the school corporation’s Rainy-Day Fund.

The Plymouth School Board also approved the Capital Projects Plan which was previously detailed by WTCA.  This plan handles larger maintenance projects that exceed $10,000 and are expected to begin within the 3-years immediately following the year the plan is adopted.   The projects totaled over $1,750 million    

The Plymouth School Board also approved the Bus Replacement Plan.  Next year three 66-passenger buses will be replaced, and the corporation will purchase a micro-special purpose van.