Marshall County Recorder, Janet Howard presented a quote to the commissioners from Fidlar for a scanning project.  She said she has 218 books of documents that she wants to have scanned to preserve.  The contract to scan the historical records was $72,844.99 which she has in her department’s perpetuation fund budget.  

The commissioners approved the contract which is divided into three payments. It also requires them to have 24-hour access to the building for 5 consecutive days. 

Commissioner Stan Klotz presented two bids for a half-ton pick-up truck to replace the County Surveyors’ truck. The bid from Auto Park was for $38,399 for a Dodge and the bid from Oliver Ford was for $43,994.

Klotz said Oliver Ford is at a real disadvantage because Ford has taken away all the municipal discounts.

Klotz said the price for the Dodge is a stripped-down model with a tow package, 4-wheel drive, and undercoating.   

A motion was made by Klotz and seconded by Commission Burroughs and approved to accept the bid from Auto Park.  It will be ordered next month during a 2-day window that will open for the half-ton trucks.  The purchase will be made this year out of the Cum Cap budget.