In recent years, Indiana’s revenue has been outpacing expectations, leaving the state with a surplus. This year, the Indiana General Assembly voted to use a portion of that surplus to refund nearly $1 billion directly to Hoosier taxpayers.

Senator Stacey Donato from the 18th District said in a news release, “The automatic taxpayer refund is returning state money to Hoosiers in the form of a $325 payment per taxpayer or a $650 payment for married couples filing jointly. Many Hoosiers have already received their payment via direct deposit, and last week, State Auditor Tera Klutz announced all automatic taxpayer refund paper checks have now been printed and mailed.” 

Since these checks are based on 2020 tax returns, there will be instances where a recipient of a check has passed away or moved. The Auditor of the State‘s office is working to reissue those checks to the proper individuals.

If you have received a payment for someone who has since passed away, the living spouse or executor needs to file a Distributee’s Affidavit for Disposition of Estates SF# 49377 with the Auditor of State and include a copy of the death certificate. 

If you have received a check that could not be deposited due to blurriness or printer error, you need to file an Affidavit for Lost or Not Received Warrant SF# 42850.

Donato said, “Senate Republicans pride ourselves on making decisions that are in the best interest of taxpayers, so it is encouraging to see this refund reaching Hoosiers. Sound fiscally conservative leadership is what put Indiana in this strong financial position, and I will continue to advocate for such policies as your state senator.”

If you have not yet received your check, please wait until Nov. 1 before contacting the Indiana Department of Revenue.

For more information and a list of frequently asked questions on the automatic taxpayer refund, click here