Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters presented four requests for vendors to work in the right-of-way during the Commissioner’s meeting on Monday.  Two of the requests were for the placement of utility poles, one was a splice cabinet for Fourway Computer Products, and the final one was for a road cut or bore for Century Link. All were approved.

Peters also updated the commissioners about this year’s road projects which are all almost complete for the season.

Commissioner Burroughs asked about the 9A Road and King Road intersection which is supposed to be completed by Millstone after working on US 30.  He also asked about having fog lines painted on Plymouth LaPorte Trail from Queen Road to 4B Road near Tyner.  While the yellow center lines have been painted the white fog lines on the edge of the road have not and Burroughs said on these foggy mornings it is difficult to see the edge of the roadway.  Peters said he would check on it. 

The highway superintendent said the Community Crossing Grant paving projects and the adjacent paving projects the county-funded have been completed by Milestone.

Bomag 364

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked if the Bomag, a machine that rips up asphalt roads has arrived yet.  Peters said they are telling him maybe November.  Overmyer also asked about the 6 new dump-truck chassis, 2 singles, and 4 tandems, that were to be built at the end of August but are still not in at the dealership.  Once the dealership receives the chassis they will go to Terry Truck Equipment in Winamac to mount the dump beds, snow plows, and hardware.  It’s still anticipated that the trucks will be here before the snow.