During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioners meeting, Kathy Bottorff, a news reporter from WTCA asked about a “work session” called for 9 a.m. on Friday, September 30th by County Auditor Julie Fox.

Bottorff questioned County Attorney Jim Clevenger regarding notification of the work session. 

Learning about the meeting at 8:30 Friday morning, Bottorff contacted the other local media outlets to see if they had been notified of the “work session.”  Everyone reported that they had not received the typical email notification for County Council and County Commissioner meetings from the Auditor’s office.  She also contacted the Auditor’s Office and was informed that the “work session” notice was posted on the door of the meeting room.  It was also commented that the “work session” was not live streamed like all other county meetings are.

The question was asked whether the “work session” was a legal meeting and whether notification should have been sent to the media.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger responded to the question by saying that he was not going to comment on the legality of the “work session” but did inform the Auditor staff that the media who regularly attend county meetings are to be notified for any gathering of the Council or Commissioners.