Marshall County Plan Director Ty Adley came before the County Commissioners on Monday to discuss the formation of a committee to help plan the US 31 corridor from the Fulton County line to US 30.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said he wants to form a committee to look at locations where bridges and interchanges could be placed that would best benefit the citizens and businesses in the county.

Adley and Overmyer will be two members of the committee.  Others suggested were a representative from Marshall County REMC and one from IMI due to their gravel pit that currently has access to U.S. 31.  He also suggested a person from Houin Farms and representatives from both the Plymouth Community School Corporation and Argos School Corporation. 

Adley said in 2014 a study was completed when U.S. 31 started the change to a freeway.  His recommendation was to review the last survey and see what it has generated and what has changed in Marshall County.

The committee will work on a plan that will be presented to the commissioners and if approved will then be presented to INDOT to assist in their preliminary design phase of the major road improvement plan. 

A motion was made and approved to form the U.S. 31 Plan Committee.

County Commissioner Mike Burroughs also invited Ty Adley to a meeting for the U.S. 30 corridor that will look at the highway from county line to county line.

The meeting will be held on October 10th at 1 p.m. in the Commissioner’s meeting room on the second floor of the County Building. 

Several suggestions were made as to who should be on the U.S. 30 committee as well. Mr. Burroughs said that he had sent invitations to the Mayor of Plymouth, Ward Byers from Bourbon, Trend Weldy from Bremen, Doug Gehrke from PIDCO, Laura Walls from MCEDC, and Mandy Campbell from the County Council. It was also suggested to add Plymouth Plan Consultant Ralph Booker, an INDOT representative along with a representative from Ancilla.

The motion was made and approved to create the U.S. 30 Plan Committee.

County Attorney Jim Clevenger stated that the meetings should be publicized and open to the public.