The Plymouth Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals will meet tonight beginning at 7 in the Council Chambers of City Hall. 

The Plan Commission will consider a resolution amending the Economic Development Plan for the US 30/Pine Road Economic Development Area known as TIF #3. 

There are a couple of projects that are to be added to the list of projects including the improvement to Commerce Street from Pioneer Drive to the gravel path that starts at the northwest Water Treatment Plant.  City Attorney Sean Surrisi said this project was part of the negotiations with PIDCO and Pretzels Inc. back in 2019.  He said the street was never finished and dedicated to the city and the mayor agreed to complete the project.  Surrisi said he anticipated a proposal from VS Engineering on the cost of completing the street design. 

The second project is a hotel just to the west of the Aquatic Center. 

The city attorney said VanVactor Farms has been negotiating with AJ Patel of JSK Hospitality, which is a spin-off local entity created to operate the hotel.  He said the project has been to the Technical Review Committee with preliminary designs and the hope is a deal will be reached later this fall.  There is an incentive to help with the transaction.

The Plymouth BZA will hear the request of Jim Langfeldt for a Special Use for self-storage units at 777 North Oak Drive in a commercial zone and a Variance of Development Standard for a 10-foot side yard setback.

Compass Coffee Corporation is seeking a Variance of Development Standard to eliminate a required sidewalk for a drive-thru coffee business. 

The final request is from Terry Houin at 1001 North Center Street.  He is seeking a Variance of Development Standard for a zero-side yard setback to replace an existing garage with a larger garage.

Both meetings are open to the public for comments and questions and are held in the second-floor meeting room of City Hall.