Oakhill Cemetery Superintendent Mike Collins told the Board of Public Works and Safety that the survey work has been completed on the southwest corner of the cemetery.

A couple of months ago, Mike and Karen Olszewski came to a meeting with concerns about a tree that had branches rubbing on the roof of the neighbor’s barn and rainwater from the cemetery washing out his driveway.

City Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson visited the site earlier this summer and was able to design a swail to keep the rainwater from running onto Olszewski’s property.

A survey was needed to see if the tree in question was on the city’s property or Olszewski’s property.  The Olszewski’s offered to pay for half of the survey to get the property lines determined.  That survey was completed and determined that the tree in question sits right on the property line.

The Olszewski’s are willing to share in the cost to have the limbs trimmed from the tree, thus keeping them off the barn roof.  There is a second tree that is dead and sits on the cemetery property.  It is leaning towards Olszewski’s shed that needs to be removed.

Collins asked for approval to seek quotes for the removal of the dead tree and trimming the tree on the property line.  

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved his request.