The Indiana Commission for Higher Education reported an additional 57 Indiana high schools and eight postsecondary education institutions are offering the Indiana College Core (the Core) to high school students. 

Senator Donato said, “With this addition, more than one in four high schools are supporting their students’ college readiness through the Core, which is a 68% increase.” 

The Core is 30 credit hours worth of college-level coursework transferred between public colleges and universities that can be applied to a student’s college curriculum come enrollment. Credits can be earned through a combination of dual enrollment, dual credit courses, Advanced Placement courses, etc.

Indiana University Bloomington, all five IU regional campuses, Purdue University Northwest, and Purdue University Fort Wayne join Ivy Tech Community College and Vincennes University as post-secondary providers of the Core. 

Senator Donato said, “Since 2012, about 10,233 students have earned close to a full year worth of college credit for little to no cost by completing the Core in high school.”  Students save close to an average of $22,000 (the average one-year cost of attending a public institution), totaling nearly $225 million for Hoosier students statewide. 

By completing the Core, students can focus on major-specific courses and pursue graduate school ahead of their peers. Additionally, they are more likely to receive their bachelor’s on time or early.

For students who were just a few credits away from completing the Core, the state launched the Crossing the Finish Line initiative, which assisted nearly 800 students in completing the Core for free over the last two summers through Ivy Tech Community College or Vincennes University. 

For more information about the Core, click here.