Members of the Plymouth Community School Board meet last week to conduct a public hearing on the proposed 2023 budget. The entire meeting took less than 10 minutes.

The 2023 proposed budget estimate for Debt Services, Education, Operations, and Rainy-Day totals $40,282,029.  The estimated funds to be raised from the levy (property tax dollars) is $15,652,172.   There were no questions on the proposed 2023 budget.   

The proposed 2023 Capital Projects are a variety of updates to the school corporation’s buildings that aren’t using a bond process but instead will be using property tax dollars for routine maintenance.  Projects include LED lighting upgrades at Menominee, replacement of the air handler in the gymnasium at Jefferson Elementary along with carpet replacement and ventilator replacements.  At Webster Elementary plans are to replace some carpet and tile in the restrooms, waterline heating, and valve replacement, and restroom fixture replacement.  Carpet replacement and masonry are on the plan for Riverside Intermediate School while the main distribution frame at Lincoln Junior High is on the plan. 

The Capital Projects plan has a number of projects at Plymouth High School including parking lot and sidewalk repairs, painting of various rooms, ceiling tile replacement door and hardware as well as stairwell upgrades.  The corporation plans to replace carpets in various rooms, upgrade the domestic water service, work on the HVAC network controllers, and repair stucco and exterior paint.

Corporation wide the plan calls for HVAC machinal system upgrades and at the Lincoln Educational Center they have furniture and technical improvements. The Service Center will have asphalt and sidewalk repairs and replacement, repair of the exterior stucco with painting, and an interior remodeling project. 

The estimated start dates for the 2023 Capital Projects range from January 2022 to January 2024 and completion dates range from December 2023 to December 2026.   

The Capital Plan was approved by the Plymouth School Board.

Next for consideration was the Capital Acquisitions plan which includes 3 maintenance vehicles over the next 3 years for $105,000; Maintenance and Grounds Equipment over the next three years at $120,000;  Replace Technology Computer Servers in 3 years for $200,000; and 11 multi-function copy/scan/fax machines over the next 3 years for $116,228.    

The School Board also must forecast the Bus Replacement Plan.  In 2023 they plan to replace three buses and a van next year with a cost estimate of $475,000.

There were no questions from the public on the proposed budget for next year or the Capital Projects, Acquisitions, and Bus Replacement Plan.