Last week members of the Plymouth City Council approved on second and third readings an ordinance amending the personal policy to include a lateral transfer policy for the police and fire departments.  The ordinance also updates the employee cell phone policy making it match the state’s hands-free policy.

Under New Business, City Attorney Sean Surrisi presented several ordinances for first reading including the ordinance for Appropriations and Tax Rates for 2023, an ordinance establishing various fees and parking regulations regarding the city-owned Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, an ordinance amending the 2023 Salary Ordinance to add the Civilian EMT-B position and an ordinance fixing salaries for elected officials for 2023.  Mayor Senter is proposing a 4.5% increase. 

The Plymouth City Council suspended the rules and approved on all three readings an ordinance to amend the 2022 Salary Ordinance to allow Fire Chief Holm to proceed with the hiring process for the Civilian EMT-B position that was approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety.  This new position has the same salary as a First-Class Firefighter at $58,142.88 annually.