The Town of Culver is requesting quotes for sidewalk snow removal for the 2022-2023 winter season. Quotes should be provided on a “per event” basis and be delivered to Town Hall, 200 E Washington Street, C/O Town Manager, no later than 4 p.m., Tuesday, October 11. Quotes can also be dropped off during normal business hours if preferred before 4 P.M. on October 11th. For questions, please contact Ginny Munroe at 574.842.3140

Project Scope: The contractor will remove snow or ice from all public sidewalks within the location parameters detailed below. Snow removal service will proceed automatically upon accumulation of 2” of snow or by request of the Town Utilities Superintendent or Town Manager. Plowing should begin at 5:30 a.m. when overnight snowfall accumulations of 2” or more have fallen. Snow must be removed and can be placed on town property at the Culver Street Garage or in other areas approved by the Culver Utilities Superintendent or Town Manager.

In commercial areas where front entrances to commercial buildings are within 24 inches of the public sidewalks, snow clearing shall include the building’s main entrance and sidewalk snow removal 6 feet in width.

In residential areas, sidewalk clearing shall be a minimum of 40 inches wide. Salt shall be applied to all walkways after the snow is cleared unless otherwise specified by the Culver Utilities Superintendent.

In the event of an ice event or a dusting of snow, salt shall be applied to all walkways after the event has occurred if requested by the Culver Utilities Superintendent or Town Manager.

Your bid can indicate pricing for each type of event. For example, you can include event-specific pricing for 2 inches of snow, ice event, or a dusting of snow (salt only), 4-6 inches, or 6+ inches.

The contractor will coordinate with Culver Utilities Superintendent to avoid conflicts with street snow plowing whenever possible.

Location: The sidewalk on the west and north side of Lakeshore Drive from the northern property line at 1125 Lakeshore Drive (Liquor Store) and continuing down the west and north sides only of Lakeshore Drive to the intersection with Main Street. Both sidewalks (east and west sides) of Main Street from Lakeshore Drive to Marmont Street.

Format & Billing: Prices should be quoted on a per-event basis and billed to the town monthly with a net 30 payment schedule. The Town of Culver reserves the right to reject all quotes if necessary and the low quote is not guaranteed to receive a contract for the services listed above. Proof of liability insurance and other documentation will be required before contract award.