“Summer End” the ABATE bike rally held for the past 40 years or so in Marshall County will continue this year with the approval of a Special Use Permit by the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals.

Tuesday evening Mike and Diane Fisher spoke on behalf of Region 1 Abate of Indiana for its annual end-of-summer bash. They discussed the major fundraiser which in turn helps ABATE support many worthwhile programs including a rider education program that is provided through a contract with the State of Indiana, a dirt riding school for families, donations to smaller local charities, and of course their assistance during the holiday season to needy families.

Summers End is this weekend at 10648 Upas Road, the property is owned by Richard Sommers.  The event opens Friday at noon and continues until noon on Sunday.   They are permitted to have primitive camping and the minimum age to participate in Summers End is 18 with an ABATE membership, otherwise, it is 21.

Summers End is a gathering of bikers who come together each year for comradery.  There will be a live band on both Friday and Saturday nights, a bike show, field events, vendors, games, alcohol, and more.  ABATE members pay $15 to attend and non-members pay $20. 

During the public hearing, two neighbors spoke against the special use permit, Shirley Penrod who lives at 10850 Upas Road, and Steve Penrod who lives immediately south of the event at 10790 Upas Road.  They complained about the motorcycles riding up and down the road all night long, the increased traffic, noise, and trash. They suggested moving the event to another location to let some other people enjoy the noise. 

A letter was read from Tom Sander from 19766 10B Road that said Summers End is a great event with good music in a great location with trees blocking the view from the road.

County Plan Director Ty Adley said there were three main concerns: traffic noise and security. He said the applicant would have to continue to use the existing traffic control plan along with the security and sanitation plans in place over the past three years. The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department also needs to be notified of the event prior for security reasons.

Adley said the TRC, Technical Review Committee, and Staff recommendation was to approve the request with the following conditions: a 3-year permit, traffic control plan, security plan, and sanitation plan, with limitations from noon on Friday until noon on Sunday, no parking in the right-of-way, notification to Sheriff and amplified music to be turned off at midnight, and minimize the light cast on to the neighboring properties.

The County Board of Zoning Appeals approved the Special Use Permit by a 5 to 0 vote.