Marshall County Commissioners approved the requests from the County Health Department and Probation Department to apply for grants. 

Jim Bendy, Chief Probation Officer asked the commissioners on Monday for approval to apply for a Justice Partners Addiction Grant in the amount of $60,000. 

Bendy said this is the fourth year he has applied for the grant. He said that even if they are not awarded grant funds the government is allowing them to spend the funds they have on hand that weren’t spent due to COVID-19. 

The grant funds will fund the part-time Recovery Specialist that works with the schools, and the Local Coordinating Committee and does community outreach.  Bendy said she works 3 to 4 days a week and part of her work is to create updated packets as a resource guide for the community and the probation department population with various help they may need like clothing, food resources, housing, and such.  She also created packets that will be handed out for Red Ribbon Week for junior high kids.  The grant fund also will provide two guest speakers that will be presenting to the local middle schools later this month. 

The second part of the funding will assist with a shortfall in the Pre-Trial Services of $18,000. 

The Commissioners approved the request to apply for the grant. 

The second request came from Faith Freed, Administrator of the County Health Department.  She asked to apply for a $20,976.70 grant from the Local Health Department Trust Grant.  The funds are used to pay the salaries of the County Health Educator and Emergency Preparedness.  The second grant is the Local Health Department Maintenance Grant which supports the salaries of the Food Inspector and part of the Health Educator.  The total amount is $33,139.    

The motion was made to allow the Health Department to apply for both grants.