In July, the Marshall County Surveyor’s Office was contacted by Jamie Lindstrom, Utility Superintendent for the Town of Argos because he had been denied a building permit for a project that was proposed within the maintenance easement of the Tile Arm number one of the county’s regulated drainage system. 

Lindstrom said the building located south of the tile will be torn down and rebuilt in the approximate footprint of the existing structure.  The project also includes extending the EMS building on the north side of the tile to be extended 80 feet to the east.

Lindstrom was looking for a way to begin construction immediately without a variance from the County Drainage Board because the town was ready to begin construction and it was uncertain if the drainage board would grant a reduction in the drainage easement sufficient to accommodate the project. 

County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer, County Surveyor Craig Cultice, and Lindstrom met on July 20th and discussed the possibility of a memorandum of understanding between the County Drainage Board and the Town of Argos requiring the town to be responsible for any maintenance or reconstruction if necessary. 

During the County Drainage Board meeting on August 15th, the County Surveyor said the Town of Argos had previously constructed the municipal building and garage along with a concrete parking area over the tile without any correspondence with the drainage board. 

County Attorney Jim Clevenger’s recommendation was to eliminate the regulated drain tile rather than complete a memorandum of understanding.   The Town of Argos would then be responsible for all repairs, maintenance, and reconstruction, if necessary, from the construction project and in the future. 

The county surveyor suggested vacating the tile all the way to West Street.   

Following a discussion, the County Drainage Board members decided to vacate the tile instead of consideration of a variance and Memorandum of Understanding.  The board will conduct a public hearing at their September 19th meeting on the vacation at 8:30 a.m.