Hoosiers should be on the lookout for an additional automatic taxpayer refund thanks to a new law supported by State Rep. Jack Jordan (R-Bremen).

Individual filers will receive $200, or $400 for a married couple filing jointly. Jordan said unlike Washington, D.C., Indiana is responsibly using the state’s surplus, which experienced higher-than-anticipated revenue collections, to return money to taxpayers.

“Indiana’s strong economy and conservative budgeting put the state in position to provide $1 billion in tax relief through another automatic taxpayer refund,” Jordan said. “As inflation continues to climb and family budgets get stretched thin, this was a quick and efficient way to help ease the strain.”       

According to the Indiana Department of Revenue, direct deposits and mailed checks have already started going out to Hoosiers. The Indiana auditor’s office can print 50,000 checks per day and is aiming to have all checks printed by early October. Hoosiers should allow until Nov. 1, 2022, to receive their refund.

Jordan said the $200 automatic taxpayer refund is separate from the $125 refund issued earlier this year. The state will issue a combined check for both refunds to taxpayers who were eligible for and have not yet received the initial $125 refund by direct deposit. Hoosiers on Social Security who did not qualify for the $125 taxpayer refund because they did not have to file a state tax return can still qualify for the $200 refund, if they file their tax return in calendar year 2023.

For more information on the automatic taxpayer refund, visit in.gov/dor and scroll down to click on “Automatic Taxpayer Refunds.” To learn more about Senate Enrolled Act 2 (ss), click here.