Members of the Marshall County Drainage Board hear the request of RRK Farms on Fir Road in Bourbon Township for a private bridge crossing over the Brock Ditch.

The ditch is approximately 61 feet wide at the location where they want to put a small bridge.  Currently, there is a wooden bridge crossing the ditch near the same location, but the proposal is to move the bridge towards the east where the ditch banks are free from erosion. 

The proposed structure would be 6 feet wide and 66 feet long with foundations well back from the slope of the ditch to prevent erosion during high water situations.

The bridge will have to capacity to handle ATVs and small utility tractors but since it is only 6 feet wide it will limit larger vehicles.  The old wooden bridge approximately 300 feet to the west will be removed once the new bridge is installed.  

The Marshall County Drainage Board approved the request to install the bridge.