Marshall County Community Corrections in partnership with Chileda, a company offering treatment options and support for autism are distributing Autism Communication Boards to Law Enforcement, Fire, and EMS Services throughout Marshall County.

Communication Boards are a form of augmentative and alternate communication that can be used in households, schools, and other community settings. Through the use of graphics and visuals, these boards can help bridge the communication gap between nonspeaking or minimally speaking individuals and their caregivers, teachers, peers, and first responders.

The boards display photos, symbols, or illustrations to help people with limited spoken language ability express themselves by gesturing or pointing to the images to communicate. For example, it can include pictures of pain levels, and medical issues, or to ask questions of “I need help with” to indicate different activities or choices that a nonspeaking or minimally speaking person can choose. 

Community Corrections is proud to provide these communications boards at no cost to our emergency responders throughout Marshall County.

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Ward Byers, Matt Neher, Bremen Fire Chief, Brad Kile Bremen Police Chief, Trend Weldy, Director of Operations, Jeff Sharp, Community Corrections