Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters updated the County Commissioners Monday on the Community Crossing paving projects. 

Milestone has started on the Community Crossing projects and adjacent projects the county is funding.  Currently, they are working on reclaiming all to road surfaces and once that process is completed, they will lay a base coat on all the roads before starting on the final surface. 

This is the order Milestone plans to follow for the paving process which is scheduled to begin on August 22nd:

12th Road from Michigan Road to Maple Road

Pear Road from 14B Road to 18B Road

Thorn Road from State Road 17 to the railroad tracks

Sycamore Road from 9th Road to U.S. 30

Union Road from 9C Road to 10B Road

Tamarack Road from U.S. 6 to the county line and

1st Road from Tamarack Road to the town limits of LaPaz.