Last week members of the Marshall County Council spent hours reviewing the 2023 budget requests from department heads and elected officials. 

Marshall County Auditor Julie Fox told members the General Fund budget requests were $16,082,083.19 and requests for the Special Funds are $17,717,202.99 for a total of all county budgets of $33,796,596.18. 

The auditor said she asked department heads and elected officials at her and the council’s recommendation to increase wages at a rate of $4,500 per employee to allow a little flexibility in the ultimate decision process. 

Fox told County Council members Social Security is still at 7.65% and PERF is at 11.2%.  She also had department heads increase the insurance premiums by 10%.

The State Growth Quotient is suggested at 5%.

When asked about estimated revenues Fox said, “Revenues have not been calculated.  We had submitted all of our information and the Assessor had gotten us their information by their deadline and had submitted it for review.  There were some things that went back to the assessor for TIFs that were done.  The Department of Local Government Finance will be reviewing that hopefully within the next few weeks to get us back good numbers for the County’s Estimated Revenues.”

Councilman Tim Harman asked if $33.8 million was a good round number for the 2023 budget request and Fox said yes.  He then asked what the request was for the 2022 budget.  Fox said the total for the 2022 budget requests was $33,652,273.55 a difference of $224,512.000.