Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel released his July 2022 Jail Report last week.  The report shows that there are a total of 233 beds in the Marshall County Jail. There are 103 male inmates and 28 female inmates.   

On August 5th Sheriff Hassel reported 131 inmates currently lodged in the County Jail.  Of the 131 inmates, 8 were serving time with misdemeanor charges, and 27 inmates serving felony charges.  There are also 35 inmates currently in the jail that have been sentenced.  The July Jail Report showed 80 pre-trial inmates in the jail and 12 awaiting arraignment with 4 more being held for other agencies. 

The July 2022 average daily population was 127.6 and one year earlier in 2021 the July report showed an average daily population of 180.7 inmates.  In January 2022 the average daily population was 157.2 inmates.  Sheriff Hassel’s report also listed 1,357 active warra