Last Monday the Plymouth Common Council conducted a public hearing on the additional appropriation request of Police Chief Dave Bacon. 

Clerk-Treasurer Lynn Gorski said they were seeking an additional appropriation for $16,000 because there was not an appropriation to spend funds in the Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund for equipment. 

The request from Chief Bacon is to purchase 27 new service weapons for officers.  He said they typically change out weapons every 10 years, last doing so in 2012 and 2013.  This time they are changing calipers to 9 mm so it will mean a complete changeover.  Bacon said they normally budget money in the Law Enforcement Continuing Education Fund which is not taxpayer money for equipment, but the former clerk did not put any funds in the equipment line item, instead, she put $12,000 in other supplies. 

Councilman Jeff Houin asked the chief what the impact would be if he held off until 2023 so funds could be put in next year’s budget for the weapons.  Chief Bacon said prices could go up and ammunition costs could go up or become in short supply and he has already submitted a purchase order for the new ammunition.   

Councilman Greg Compton asked what happens to the old weapons and the chief said they will be traded in for the new ones or the officers have the opportunity to purchase them for the trade-in price. 

The Plymouth Common Council approved the additional appropriation of Police Chief Dave Bacon for the Law Enforcement Continuing Education fund under equipment for $16,000.  The decision was unanimous.