A Columbarium is a structure for the reverential and usually public storage of funerary urns, holding cremated remains of the deceased. 

About 10 years ago the City of Plymouth purchased a Columbarium for Oakhill Cemetery.  That one is nearly full so Superintendent Mike Collins budgeted for a new Columbarium in this year’s budget and was granted permission to seek quotes for a new one.

Monday evening the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety opened quotes from four vendors for a 48-niche Columbarium. Quotes were $27,205 from Carol K Memorials of South Bend, $18,030 from the Remembrance Centre in Plymouth, $20,188 from South Bend Monument, and $38,470 from Palmer Funeral Home in South Bend.

Superintendent Collins has $36,000 in the budget this year for the new Columbarium. 

The Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety will allow Superintendent Collins and award the quote to the lowest and the most responsive quoter.