Last week the Marshall County Commissioners considered a proposal from Milestone Contractor North to mill and fill the parking lots on the north and south ends of the County Building along with the parking area adjacent to the alley. 

Kevin Overmyer President of the County Commissioners told the board they quoted the project last year and we didn’t act on it.  They resent the proposal in June and kept the same pricing.

Overmyer said they don’t have money in this year’s budget but thought they could find the funds by doing a transfer to get the project funded.

The proposal to mill and fill the two parking areas, north, and south, and the eastside parking along the alley is $39,620.  It was noted that since Milestone is doing the Community Crossings projects along with the adjacent road projects in the county it was a good time to have this project completed.

On Monday the Marshall County Council approved a transfer request from the Commissioners.  The commissioners asked to move $39,620 from Group Health Insurance to Professional Services to cover the cost to pave the parking areas around the County Building.  The transfer was unanimously approved.