Welcoming Argos Community Schools students to the 2022-2023 school year is a newly constructed dragon at the entrance of the Jr. and Sr. High School.

A dragon has been the school mascot since 1934, however, this is the first year the mascot has taken on a three-dimensional larger-than-life sculpture.

“Our goal was to add a large statement piece that all students can embrace and one that will rejuvenate the excitement a school mascot brings – unity, a sense of belonging, and a common goal” states Ned Speicher, Superintendent of Argos Community Schools.

The dragon is 600 pounds, seven feet tall, and made from molded fiberglass. The dragon is perched on a 2,000-pound stone base with large wings and a tail. “The wings on this dragon are really something to see” adds Speicher. “The wings are a visual reminder that one of the main traits of a dragon is their ability to soar high. It is a characteristic we see in our students and fitting for our nickname ‘the Argos Dragons.’”

Speicher adds “We are excited for our students to return to school and see the new dragon. We are encouraging all our students to have annual pictures taken to see how much they have changed and grown throughout the years.”

New this year, students will also experience a new playground and three new outdoor classrooms. New lockers will also be an addition to the hallways. To accommodate the growth Argos has experienced over the years, a new cafeteria is being constructed. The school is hopeful the expansion will be completed soon.

Argos Community Schools has always followed the tradition of providing quality instruction to all students so that they can achieve success in learning. As a one-campus k-12 school corporation, the goal is to maintain excellence to ensure the success of every child. Learn more about this high-achieving school at www.argos.k12.in.us.