Jennifer Klingerman, HR Director for the City of Plymouth appeared before the Board of Public Works and Safety Monday evening with two new job descriptions. 

Fire Chief Steve Holm had asked about the possibility of creating a Civilian Firefighter First Class position and a Civilian Fire Inspector position for the department.

The Civilian Fire Inspector position is being created because Rod Miller, the current inspector will max out of the 1977 pension this year but would like to continue working for the city.  Klingerman said the chief would like to transition him into the Civilian Fire Inspector where he would be included in the PERF Fund.  She said the job description is exactly the same except for the pension. 

The Civilian Firefighter First Class position will allow an individual who is too old to qualify for the 1977 pension fund to be hired as a civilian position and qualify for PERF benefits.  The job description is exactly as it has been only with the modification from the 77 pension to PERF.  

While Chief Holm was not at Monday’s meeting it was mentioned that he is down three full-time positions, 1 Firefighter and 2 paramedics.  Allowing these changes will make it easier for him to fill the vacancies.

Councilman Duane Culp asked if the Firefighter position was created especially for one individual or if it would be open to others in the future and Klingerman said the plan is to keep both firefighter positions available to make it easier to fill open positions. 

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved the new job descriptions for the Fire Department by a 7-0 vote.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told the Board of Public Works and Safety that the Salary Ordinance amendment for the 2022 budget was presented for the first reading during Monday’s meeting.  He said he would wait to have it passed on the second and third readings in the August meetings allowing council members a chance to ask questions of the HR Director or the Fire Chief before final voting.