Governor Eric J. Holcomb today released the following statement:

“The U.S. Senate just passed once-in-a-generation legislation that invests in American technology to keep our country safe from any and all of our adversaries. The U.S. House of Representatives should quickly pass the CHIPS Plus legislationto keep America in the fast lane of the technology race and boost our country’s competitiveness globally.

Last week, SkyWater, a major supplier of semiconductors to the Department of Defense, in partnership with Purdue University, announced a 600,000-square-foot semiconductor research and development production facility in West Lafayette, Indiana. The company’s ability to make an investment of this magnitude is reliant upon the passage of CHIPS Plus and federal investment to boost this critical industry sector. This exact legislation also invests in research at our great universities, workforce programs and tech-hubs tailor-made for our state.

If the U.S. wants to be a leader in 21stcentury industries, semiconductors must be our first objective. Members of the U.S. House should vote yes and make this investment, which includes comprehensive oversight responsibilities to ensure taxpayer dollars are invested wisely.”