Delbert and Martha Helmuth of 5240 East County Line Road in Bremen were granted a Special Use Variance and a Variance of Development Standard on July 12th by the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals.

Mr. Helmuth opened a part-time home woodworking shop in 2015 and it grew to a full-time business in 2019.  He was not aware of the need to see a special use by the county for a home-based business.  He now wants to expand the business and learned of the need to acquire the special use variance prior to seeking a variance to the expansion.

The Helmuth constructs wood cabinets with regular hours of 5 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. with 2 employees who are not family members. 

There were no comments during the public hearing and the BZA approved the request with the conditions that a truck route be created for his deliveries and shipping and a vegetative screen be placed to protect the neighbors from lights from the business.

The second request from Mr. Helmuth was to expand the business with a 50 by 60 addition which will bring the home-based business over the county’s 4,000 square foot restriction. With the new addition the square footage of the business will be 5,856 square feet.  The County BZA unanimously approved the variance.

The final request before the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals was a request of Jason and Becky Helmuth at 1510 2B Road in Bremen to reduce a rear yard setback from the required 20 feet to 10 feet for the construction of a personal use building. 

There was some question about the exact property line and it was suggested by the Technical Review Committee that a survey be completed to determine the exact location.

During the discussion, Jason Helmuth said they were able to locate the re-cap survey stakes, so they know where the property line is. 

The BZA reminded Helmuth that the 10-foot setback would be from the structure’s overhang and not the wall and granted the variance as presented.