Monday morning County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters updated the Commissioners on the numerous bridge projects the county is undertaking. 

The agreement with Milestone to make the repairs from an accident on Bridge #301 on 17th Road east of Ironwood was signed by both sides and work is expected to commence this week.

The King Road Bridge Project, on Bridge #73 appears to be a little ahead of schedule.  Work on finishing all pilings and pouring the footers will be started and getting the subgrade and stone completed for the roadway on the north side in preparation for paving will be happening in the next couple of weeks.  

Progress for Bridge #87 on 11th Road and Bridge #120 on Upas Road have been stalled waiting for the acquisition of needed property for both bridge projects.

Bridge #5 on Tamarack Road is completed, and the road is opened.  Peters will be doing a final walk-through this week.

Work on Bridge #9 on Queen Road plans to start in the next few weeks.

Peters told the commissioners the Right-Of-Way contract for Bridge # 11 on Union Road needs to be signed. 

Bridge # 232 on Randolph Street going into Centennial Park in Plymouth is progressing.  There was a Zoom meeting with USI, the City of Plymouth, the Park Department, Commissioner Mike Burroughs, and the County Attorney to review the proposed light project the city would like to add to the project.  There is an interlocal agreement that states the city will be responsible for the additional cost to have lights on the bridge or at the ends of the bridge.  USI is preparing cost estimates for the city to assist in the decision of which plan they prefer for the new lights.      

The INDOT Local Public Agency for Bridge #231 on Center Street in Bremen was signed by Commissioner Overmyer and returned, keeping the project moving forward toward construction.