This month the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approved the Variance of Development Standards request from American Container to reduce the front yard setback to 10 feet to allow for an additional on the building at 2526 Western Avenue.

Plymouth Planning Consultant Ralph Booker told members American Container was granted a 25-foot variance in May of this year for the same project.  American Container didn’t understand that the measurement was from the right-of-way and not the edge of the roadway. 

Michael Isban, President of American Container said the additional space is needed to provide a more efficient production line and will require the purchase of new equipment and additional employees.  He said moving closer to Western Avenue will not impact the view of trucks leaving the bays which are further to the south.  He said the new building would be about 5 feet past the current location of their monument sign. Isban said the building would still be 30 feet from the roadway. 

Booker said the Technical Review Committee reviewed the second variance request and had little to say.

BZA member Fred Webster questioned the fire hydrant and if water lines would be an issue.  The city Fire Inspector attended the TRC meeting and had no concerns. 

BZA members Art Jacobs asked about the city’s plans to widen the roadway in the future, and it was noted that the US 30 overpass places a limit on widening the roadway.  It was noted that a turn lane could be added in the future but there were no plans to widen Western Avenue.

Webster asked about moving the addition to the north end of the building and Mr. Isban said it would require approximately $500,000 to bring the area up to grade with fill. 

The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approved the request as presented with Linda Secor, Art Jacobs, and Mark Gidley voting yes and Fred Webster voting no.