Some Hoosier students with disabilities need additional help with school, like tutoring or therapy. To help cover the cost of important supplemental tools, families of students with special needs can apply for Indiana’s new Education Scholarship Account Program.

Representative Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) said in a recent release, “The program, established through legislation I supported, gives parents more options to help meet their child’s academic needs. Families can use these tax-free scholarships to pay for pre-approved education services. Participating Hoosiers get 90% of their child’s state school funding, plus all special-education money, through these accounts. Also, funds do not count as income for families of recipients and have no impact on other financial aid they may receive.”

To be eligible for these scholarship accounts, students must have a disability requiring special education services and an individualized education plan, service plan, or choice special education plan. All eligibility requirements can be found here.

Applications for eligible students are now open and close on August 5th. Click here to learn more and apply. All students deserve the opportunity to succeed, and the Indiana Education Scholarship Account Program empowers parents to take more control of their child’s education to meet their unique needs.