Last week during the Marshall County Council meeting, Sheriff Matt Hassel asked members to consider a pay raise for the part-time officers conducting lake patrol. 

Sheriff Hassel said he was making the request for the Lake Maxinkuckee Lake Association.

Hassel told County Councilmembers they wanted to increase the hourly pay from $30 an hour to $38 an hour for the park-time officer.  He noted that county officers who participate in lake patrol are paid time-and-a-half because of their full-time position with the county. 

Hassel reminded council members that the entire budget for lake patrol is paid for by the Lake Max Association and a grant from the Department of Natural Resources.

The reason for the pay increase is to incentive part-time merit officers from other departments to participate in the program.  He gave an example that Plymouth officers are paid $29.14 for straight time so the $30 hourly for Lake Patrol isn’t really a lot of incentive to work additional hours.

The County Council unanimously approved the request to increase the part-time hourly pay for officers from $30 hourly to $38.