Bourbon Town Clerk, Kim Berger presented Town Council members with an agreement from Asset Control Solutions.  They currently assist Bourbon with their Asset Management Plan, and the State Board of Accounts now requests you show depreciation on the plan, but Bourbon’s plan does not that that portion in it.

The Clerk/Treasurer said the Asset Management Plan is in good shape except for this new requirement from the State Board of Accounts.

The additional cost to update the Asset Plan to include depreciation is $2,250.  The Town Board approved the agreement.

Bourbon Clerk Kim Berger also asked to have the codification of the town’s ordinances completed again.  She said the last time it was completed was 2011 years ago.  Berger said, “If someone was to go on our website, they wouldn’t see any of the ordinances we have approved over the last 10 years.”

The Ohio-based company has done work with other communities in the area and their cost is $6,750.  Berger said the cost would be budgeted over two years.

The Bourbon Clerk also informed the council of a street closure.  East Jefferson Street will be closed from Washing to Harris beginning July 14th.  The closure is for a storm drain basin repair and is expected to take about a week.