“A couple of years ago I really wanted to start a band & I just started reaching out to people—first my sister, Ava, then I met Luke at a music camp, and we found Lucas and Dillon by putting an ad up in Sweetwater.”  So says, Ellie Mondok, in a recent zoom interview (available online) with Rieley Gilmer, a Ball State University intern polishing her video editing and interviewing skills at Wild Rose Moon this summer.  In the interview, Mondok describes most of the band as essentially shy by nature; nonetheless, they have pulled together a remarkably self-confident group of performers—performing gigs around Ft. Wayne at the Muse on Main, The Ruin, and Sweetwater Sound.  Ellie, the keyboardist (and harmony vocals crooner) is flanked by an array of energized players, including her sister, Ava, the lead vocalist inspired by Pat Benatar’s gutsy vocal work.  Ava remarked on their shared musical heritage, “Our grandparents were in several Doo Wop bands, and we grew up listening to my father play songs like, “Hey Jude,” on the piano.”  The girls are flanked by three fine players, including—Lead Guitarist,  Luke Kern, who remarked he was heavily influenced by Hendrix, Slash, and Zaak Wylde—Dillon Turner, the percussionist who grew up listening to Rush, Tool, Steely Dan, and Led zeppelin—and Lucas Record, 6 string bassist, awash in subgenres of metal, thrash, death, and prog.  So this Friday, July 15th at 7 p.m., you can as they say, “enjoy the euphonic experience of solid bass locked together with on-point drumming . . . melodic keys, and soaring vocals complimented by sweet harmonies – all bringing five distinct voices to form one harmonious musical conversation, The Conversationalists give new meaning to the phrase “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  Yeah. Let’s Rock!  Tickets are $10 and are available at wildrosemoon.com, Ask for Flowers, and Culver Coffee Company.  Those in attendance at the break have a chance to win a free cup of Beary’s Ice Cream, served on-premises by Beary’s own staff.  Wild Rose Moon is located in Historic Downtown Plymouth, Indiana.

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