Plymouth Fire Chief Steve Holm asked members of the Board of Public Works and Safety for permission to extend a conditional offer of employment to Justyn Wade.  The conditional offer is contingent upon him passing the pension requirements. 

Board members conducted an interview with Mr. Wade last week and found him to be a great candidate. 

Police Chief Dave Bacon announced the resignation of David Finn effective this Sunday.  He asked for and was granted permission to begin the hiring process to fill the patrolman vacancy in the department.

Mike Collins from the Cemetery asked for approval to seek quotes for a new columbarium. This is a free-standing structure with niches used for storing funeral urns.  He told the board the cemetery purchased one 10-years-ago for $36,000 and it is almost full.  The Board of Public Works and Safety approved his request to seek quotes. 

The final action was the approval of a request from the Plymouth Kilwinning Masonic Lodge to use the Water Tower property near Pilgrim Manor as a fundraiser for Blueberry Festival Parking.  They were also granted permission to lock up their golf cart at the end of the day in the fencing surrounding the water tower.