Jim Hulse of the 15,000 block of 4B Road in Plymouth appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners with a complaint of excessive shooting by his neighbor.

Hulse said he’s not against shooting, but the neighbor is shooting thousands of rounds toward his property.  He said it’s not just his neighbor, but they invite friends over and they shoot for hours. 

Hulse said he moved to the country and built his home far back from the road to have peace and quiet.

After living with this excessive noise for quite some time, he called 911 a few weeks before the commissioner’s meeting and they sent out a police officer to discuss his concerns.

The county officer, who happens to be the firearms trainer went to the Hulse home and told them the neighbor was acting within the law.  He told Mr. Hulse he had no rights.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer spoke with the same officer about the complaint and learned that the officer suggested the neighbors build a bigger and taller backstop to shoot into so the bullets don’t travel onto someone else property.   Overmyer said he intends to meet with the neighbor but hasn’t had time yet. 

Mr. Hulse asked the County Attorney if there was something the county could do and he said there is no noise ordinance in the county and he wasn’t sure if the county had another type of ordinance that could help control when the shooting happens of them inviting people over to shoot.  The attorney also said if bullets are coming onto your property, that counts as trespassing and he might be able to have a private lawsuit against the neighbor.        

Commissioner Stan Klotz is also the president of the County Plan Commission.  He said they have had discussions on this type of issue before.  Klotz recommended looking at something like disturbing the peace.  He said the issue is the police must be there and see or hear the issue as it happens. 

Klotz said he would talk to County Plan Director Ty Adley and see if they could put some additional language in the zoning ordinance concerning the size and type of backstop for shooting.   

While no official action was taken, Klotz said he would meet with Adley and the Plan Commission Attorney Derek Jones to discuss the issue.

Mr. Hulse asked the commissioner, “Please do something.”