The local ballot has been set for the November 8th General Election.   This fall registered voters will be deciding on several Federal and State seats as well as County seats.   

Candidates are elected to the following offices:

• U.S. Senate

• U.S. House of Representatives (all 9 seats)

• Auditor of State

• Secretary of State

• Treasurer of State

• Indiana State Senate (25 of the 50 seats)

• Indiana House of Representatives (all 100 seats)

• Judges of the circuit and superior courts in several counties

• Clerks of the circuit court, County Auditor, County Recorder, County Treasurer, County Coroner, County Surveyor, County Assessor, County Commissioner, County Sheriff, Prosecuting Attorney, and County Council Member in several counties

• Council members, town clerk-treasurers, and town judges in towns that have chosen to stagger terms, or to elect all town officials during 2022

• Retention of state appellate judges or local judges, if applicable • Some local public questions may be placed on the ballot in certain counties.

In Marshall County, there is a race for Clerk of the Courts between Republican Jenny Bennitt and Democrat Bobbi Reinhold. The only candidate on the ballot for County Assessor is Republican Peter Paul and the County Auditor’s seat does not race.  Angie Johnson Birchmeier, a Republican is the only candidate. 

For County Commissioner in District 1 the incumbent, Republican Stan Klotz will be challenged by Democrat Jason Haines. 

There are four open district seats on the County Council.  District 1 is the only one that isn’t being challenged.  Republican Will Patterson has that position wrapped up.  In District 2 Republican Deborah Johnson will be challenged by Democrat Tammy Shaffer, in District 3 Republican Nicole Cox will face off against Democrat Mark Gidley and in District 4 there are three candidates: Republican Adam Falustich, Democrat Dustin Schafer, and Libertarian Tyler Shively.     

Republic incumbent Janet Howard is seeking her second term at County Recorder and there is a race for Marshall County Sheriff between incumbent Republican Matt Hassel and Democrat Jeffery Sharp. 

Looking at the Township Trustee positions you will see on the ballot: Republican, incumbent Ryan Schori for Bourbon Township Trustee, Republican incumbent Amy Knapp for Center Township Trustee, Republic incumbent Ben Baker for German Township Trustee who will be challenged by Democrat Nichole Walter, Republic, incumbent Marie Fishburn for Green Township Trustee, Republican Emily Haskins is seeking the North Township Trustee seat after Chelsea Smith decided not to run again, Republican incumbent Jerry Lamb for Polk Township Trustee, Republican incumbent Matthew Pitney for Tippecanoe Township Trustee, Republican incumbent Marlene Morrison Mahler for Union Township Trustee, Republican incumbent Stephen Wilhelm for Walnut Township Trustee and Republican incumbent Terry Borggren for West Township Trustee. The only trustee race is for the German Township Trustee. 

County voters will also select their various Township Board which are made up of three members.  The Bourbon Township Board only has one candidate Kris Berger.  The Center Township Board candidates are Republican incumbents James Baldwin, Keith Hammonds, and Bruce Knapp.  Democrats Andrew Dreibelbis, Cindy Martin Milner, and Stephanie Peverelle will challenge for the three seats. In German Township candidates are Democrats Whitney Stillson and Paul Irons, and Republican incumbents Robert Huff, Donald Meister, and Jon Monhaut.   Candidates for the Green Township Board are Republican incumbent James Fishburn, Democrat incumbent Dean Zechiel, and Republican Shawanda Wenino.  The North Township Board candidates are Democrat Stephen Barber, Democrat incumbent Steve Davenport, and Democrat Carmen Megonnell.

In Polk Township the board members are Republican incumbents John Einhorn and Richard Parker, Republican Tim Kaznecki, and Democrat Julie Sarber Spitznagle.  In Tippecanoe Township no candidates are running for the three seats while in Union Township the ballot will have Democrat Lynn Crist, Republican incumbents Terri Jo Morrison Hinds, Michael Overmyer, and Shirley Snyder, and challenger Democrat Jenny Nowalk.  The Walnut Township Board only has three Republican incumbents running.  They are Kenneth Dowdle, Joseph Stone, and Dave Stults.  West Township is the final board with five candidates to fill the three seats.  The three Republican incumbents are Danny Bates, Thomas Flynn, and Cynthia Slonaker.  Challengers are Democrats Cheryl McKinley and Shelly Moore.