Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer met with local media Friday to update the public on Saint Joseph Health Center.

Commissioner Overmyer said he received a text message from Saint Joe that they’ve hired three doctors for Marshall County with one starting in July, another in August, and the last one in October.  They have also hired three brand new nurse practitioners that will also be coming to Marshall County.

Overmyer said the hospital is in discussions with two more physicians and another nurse practitioner who physician recruiters are talking to now for the county.

Commissioner Overmyer said, “This is Christmas in July. I think it’s great news and it has been reiterated to me by several people that the hospital is not closing.”   He continued, “This sends a strong message to our citizens that Saint Joe is committed to this county and this hospital and the wellness of our citizens.” 

Overmyer explained that the hospital has been going through some transitions in the last few months.  He said, “Like everything else, sometimes you have to make changes to improve the system.  In my discussions, I believe that is what is going to be transpiring and I look forward to these new physicians and the new direction.”

He closed his comment by saying, “I want people in Marshall County to know that they are here.  They are here to stay.  They are not going anywhere.”  Overmyer said, “With the new hirings that should send a strong message that everyone needs to heed and stop the rumors.”