County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters told the County Commissioners Tuesday he is short $1,185,912.40 for this year’s Community Crossing Road Projects and the adjacent road projects the county will fund.

The low bid for the Community Crossing projects was $1,780,284.75 and the low bid for the county’s adjacent road projects was $1,405,627.65.  The total for both is $3,185,912.40.

Marshall County received $1 million from the Community Crossings Grant and the County budgeted $400,000 in the Rainy Day budget for the local match and the County Council budgeted $600,000 in their General Fund budget this year for road projects.  That leaves the County Highway Department short $1,185,912 for this year’s projects. 

Peters said Milestone is starting to schedule projects and he anticipates them getting the county’s work started in the next month to 6-weeks.  The projects will take a couple of weeks to complete and then Milestone will expect payment for services rendered.  He figured the additional funds would be needed in early September.

The commissioners agreed to ask the County Council to appropriate $1.2 million of the ARPA Funds for this year’s road projects.  Their request will be heard by the council at their next meeting on Monday, July 11th at 9 a.m.