Senator Stacey Donato said in a release Friday, “This year, the Indiana General Assembly passed a number of measures to improve our already great state. A vast majority of these new laws go into effect today, July 1.” 

Here are a few of the new laws now in effect.

Ensuring Parents’ Voices are Heard
SEA 83 and HEA 1130 require school boards to allow public comment before taking final action on a topic. These laws also put restrictions on when virtual meetings can be held, creating a more open and direct line of communication between parents and administrators.

Fighting Human Trafficking
SEA 155 increases the criminal penalty for purchasing the services of a human trafficking victim so the trafficker and purchaser face the same punishment. This new law also requires law enforcement to report these cases to the Indiana attorney general’s office so investigations can be coordinated as needed.

Protecting Tenants
An eviction case can substantially hinder a renter from securing future housing, even if the case was resolved and the tenant was never evicted. HEA 1214, which I sponsored, puts in place protections for tenants by ensuring that if you were subject to an eviction case, but not actually evicted, the court history is sealed from public view.

Preserving Fairness in Girls’ Sports
HEA 1041, which I sponsored, specifies that only biological females can compete in girls’ sports at K-12 schools. This bill protects fair competition and promotes respect for the hard work young ladies put into achieving athletic excellence. 

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