Tuesday evening the Culver Town Council opened bids for this year’s Community Crossing projects. 

There were only two bids received, one from Milestone Contractors North in South Bend and from E & B Paving from Rochester.  Milestone offered a bid of $599,225 while E & B Paving presented a bid of $259,794.  There was a question if E & B bidding on all the projects, but it wasn’t known at the bid opening. 

Community Crossing Projects for the Town of Culver are:

Jefferson Street from Slate Street to State Road 17

Baker Street from Wall Street to Lake Shore Drive

 Wall Street from Baker Street to Academy Road

Pearl Street from State Street to Forest Street

South Street from Wabash Street to West Shore Drive

Lewis Street from Plymouth Street to Lakeview and

Slate Street from Madison Street to Mill Street.

The Town of Culver was awarded $177,735.17 in a Community Crossings grant this year to assist with the project. 

Bids were taken under advisement for Utility Superintendent Bob Porter to review.  He will report back with his recommendation to the Culver Town Council at their July 12th meeting.