On Wednesday, a committee that has been working on issues with the Saint Joseph Health System for a few weeks met with City of Plymouth officials to address a crisis that residents are seeing with access to health care.  A joint press release issued Wednesday evening said:  

Marshall County and City of Plymouth officials have recognized and are working together to address what is becoming a medical public healthcare crisis related to diminished medical services in Plymouth and Marshall County. More and more local residents have found themselves to be without local medical professionals that can provide healthcare to them. Local officials are aware that the St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth has significantly reduced services. In addition to fewer doctors and nurse practitioners locally, and the cutting of services through the local hospital, the reorganization of the St. Joseph Medical Center in Mishawaka and the St. Joseph Medical Center in Plymouth by Trinity Health has led to little or no local input concerning the lack of local medical care.

Representatives of the county and the city have attempted to meet with the governing officials of the St. Joseph Hospitals concerning this potential crisis. The group has elicited assistance from former board members of the St. Joseph Medical Center in Plymouth and has been in touch with the President of the State Hospital Association who is attempting to facilitate and arrange for direct meetings between the local officials and hospital representatives.

County and city representatives are reviewing all possible options for dealing with this potential medical care crisis. Options include assistance from the State.

Local Officials recognize the urgency of addressing this matter and are determined to do what can be done to protect our local public health.

WTCA expects more information will be provided on Thursday and report it to our listeners and readers.