Members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission discussed a revision to the leasehold interest for the REES Theatre to allow them to obtain a Civic Center alcohol permit.

The REES has been working for several months to obtain a liquor permit for the renovated facility.  The city created a Riverfront District to assist them but later learned that additional restrictions didn’t work for their operating plan.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the leasehold interest agreed to last month needed more clarification of the sublease and termination language to satisfy the state alcohol board.  He said the new lease would replace the current one and allow the REES to submit an application for a Civic Center alcohol permit that would allow the REES to serve alcoholic beverages to their patrons without having to install a barrier wall. 

The document would donate the leasehold interest of the REES building to the Redevelopment Commission which would then release the building back to the REES.  Surrisi assured members of the commission that the day-to-day responsibilities of operating the REES will continue to be their responsibility.

Members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission approved the amended leasehold agreement.  The REES Theatre will be resubmitting its application with the state for the alcohol permit.