During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioners meeting, Sheriff Matt Hassel asked for approval to seek quotes to replace a 2018 Ford Explorer Interceptor that was totaled in an accident on May 14th.   The police vehicle was traveling on Fir Road when a motorist ran a stop sign at 7th Road and totaled the patrol vehicle.

The insurance company is paying $22,200 for the damaged vehicle and the quotes he will be seeking is just to replace the totaled patrol vehicle. 

The commissioners approved seeking quotes. 

Sheriff Hassel told the commissioners he ordered three new vehicles back in December and the process is taking a long time.  The new vehicles ordered are not yet available for the county.     

In other business, Commission President, Kevin Overmyer asked the Sheriff if there were positive COVID cases out at the jail. 

The Sheriff said, “Yes we do.  Nobody is showing any symptoms, but we’ve had two different cell blocks where individuals have tested positive.  They are all quarantined.”  He said they’ve been in communication with the Indiana State Health Department, and he’s requested the nurse from QCC (Quality Correctional Care) update the local health department on the situation.