Representative Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) said in a recent release, “Hoosiers across our community and great state continue to feel the sting of record-high gas prices and inflation.” To help, state lawmakers plan to soon return to the Statehouse for a special session to provide relief for taxpayers.

House and Senate lawmakers are again voicing support to use state reserves to return $1 billion to Hoosier taxpayers via an automatic taxpayer refund after higher-than-expected revenue collections. Under the recently announced plan, each taxpayer would receive about $225, in addition to the $125 automatic taxpayer refund Hoosiers are currently receiving. Click here for more information on the potential refund.

Representative Jordan said, “This year, legislators passed a historic $1 billon tax-cut package to reduce income taxes and Hoosiers’ utility bills. The state also returned $545 million to Hoosiers in automatic taxpayer refunds and paid down $545 million in teacher pension debt.”

He closed his comment by saying, “I look forward to joining my colleagues back at the Statehouse soon to provide some inflation relief and will continue to work on ways to get more money back into Hoosiers’ pockets.”