The Marshall County Highway Department 2022 Road program is in full swing.  Beginning Monday, June 20th county employees will be chip sealing several roads and Highway Superintendent is warning drivers to use caution. 

Road work this week will include chip sealing on Plymouth/LaPorte Trail from West County Line Road to Queen Road on Monday, June 20.  Tuesday they will chip seal Union Road from U.S. 30 to 9C Road. Tuesday county highway workers will also begin on Tomahawk Trail and finish it up on Wednesday, June 22, along with Millpond, and 14th Road from State Road 17 to Olive Road.  Work continues on 14th Road on Thursday, June 23rd with anticipation of getting 18th Road from Queen Road to Peach Road chip sealed too.

The Marshall County Highway Department asks drivers to use caution when traveling on roads following the chip and seal process.   There will be loose stone, oil, and tar. Drives should slow down and watch for signage and highway workers in work zones.