Members of the Marshall County Council approved the Tax Abatement Compliance Forms for Faulkner Fabricating and Houin Family Farm during their meeting Monday, June 13th.

County Auditor Julie Fox told council members Faulkner Fabricating has 4-years left on their personal property tax abatement and 3 years on the real property tax abatement while Houin Farms has 4 years left on their real property tax abatement.   

Councilman Heath Thornton met with a representative from Faulkner Fabricating to review their compliance with the statement of benefits.  He told the council they have a total of 13 additional employees over their estimated increase with the tax abatement.  He noted their employee count was under the last two years but they are busy now with lots of employees. 

Councilmen Jim Masterson and Steve Harper met with Houin Family Farms.  Harper said their projection was 42 employees and they are up to 45 employees and their workforce is stabilized and they are not having issues retaining employees.  He also said they collect about 12 million pounds of milk a month at the farm and are in compliance with their statement of benefits.   

The County Council unanimously approved both Compliance Forms for Faulkner Fabricating and Houin Family Farm.