The Plymouth Community School Corporation (PCSC) Board of Directors appointed and welcomes new Lincoln Junior High Assistant Principal Abigail Travis and welcomed new Riverside School Counselor Tara Miller during the June meeting. 

Abigail Travis

The board also appointed Valerie Moore as Business Manager – Treasurer to serve after Kandi Tinkey retires in December of 2022. Moore will begin training alongside Tinkey starting in July. 

Kandi Tinkey

Tinkey has served PCSC since May 1995, a total of 27 years. PCSC Superintendent Mitchell Mawhorter thanked Tinkey for her service and dedication, noting that he used to refer other Business Manager – Treasurers to Tinkey for assistance in navigating challenges. 

PCSC will return to paid lunches for the 2022-23 Academic School Year. Those rates have not yet been determined by the Federal Government and the State of Indiana; rates will be approved and announced at the July board meeting which will be held on Tuesday, July 12 at 7 p.m.

The board approved Resolution 2022-12 Determining Significant Lunch Account Balances to Bad Debt noting that the students with outstanding balances have been inactivated as they are no longer students within the PCSC. The amount of the Bad Debt is $580.17.

Tara Miller

Final adoption of the PCSC Student Handbook for 2022-23 was approved. A copy of the handbook is available as a Google Document on the PCSC website

The board approved the Blueberry Festival Agreement for 2022 as presented. 

The board approved the Guard 911 Alert System Service Agreement. Superintendent Mawhorter said, “The Guard 911 Alert System is an emergency response system that auto-dials 9-1-1. It simultaneously activates the Hero911™ network of voluntary law enforcement officers to respond immediately to threats against our school. As part of the One County One Protocol work being done by the schools in Marshall County, this first year is going to be paid for us. We will need to purchase the subscription for the second and the third year. All county schools felt like this would be a worthwhile layer of protection for our schools. The plan is to have this up and operational by August.” 

The board approved Superintendent Mawhorter’s recommendation. PCSC Director of Safety and Security Ted Brown is working in collaboration with ensuring smooth activation of the program. 

The subscription will cost PCSC $10,000 a year for 2023-24 and 2024-25. PCSC School Board member Larry Pinkerton said, “I am just glad we are doing everything we can to keep our kids safe, and faculty and staff. It’s very important.” 

The board approved the 2022-23 Return to In-Person Learning Plan Extension as required; that entire plan can be reviewed on the corporation website. 

A letter will be sent to families regarding the details provided during the Executive Session between the PCSC board and Equitable Education Solutions (EES) regarding Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum. It is the long-term goal of PCSC to become STEM certified. The second portion of the letter will cover the dress code at Washington Discovery Academy. 

Article and photos provided by Jamie Fleury Editor of the Culver Citizen and Staff Writer for the Pilot News Group